SolutionsUpdate Client Tool Tutorial

SolutionsUpdate: A tool for reporting best known solutions

SolutionsUpdate is a tool to analyse and compare best known solutions for resource-constrained project scheduling, and is presented in the following paper:

  • Vanhoucke, Mario; Coelho, José. 2018. "A tool to test and validate algorithms for the resource-constrained project scheduling problem", Computers & Industrial Engineering 118, 1: 251 - 265. doi: 10.1016/j.cie.2018.02.001

This paper builds further on previous papers on data generation and collection, such as the papers:

  • Vanhoucke, M., Coelho, J., & Batselier, J. (2016). An overview of project data for integrated project management and control. Journal of Modern Project Management, 3(2), 6–21.
  • Vanhoucke, M., Coelho, J., Debels, D., Maenhout, B., & Tavares, L. V. (2008). An evaluation of the adequacy of project network generators with systematically sampled networks. European Journal of Operational Research, 187(2), 511–524.

The tool can be downloaded (Windows and Mac):

In this tutorial, you will find 4 sections: